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Sections of the Health Physics Society

The following is a listing of the Health Physics Society Sections as of 16 December 2014.

Accelerator Section

Steven R Frey, President ('15)
Elaine T Marshall, President-Elect ('15)
Jason Harris, Past President ('15)
Linnea Wahl, Secretary/Treasurer ('16)
Stewart R Smith, Newsletter Editor ('15)
Robert May, Board of Directors ('15)
Jack D Cossairt, Board of Directors ('16)
Melissa Mannion, Board of Directors ('15)
Reginald M Ronningen, Board of Directors ('16)
Cheryl Olson, Director Liaison
Ruedi Birenheide, Webmaster

Decommissioning Section

Eva E Hickey, President ('14)
James H Reese, Past President ('14)
Gary S Kephart, Secretary/Treasurer ('15)
Dennis M Quinn, Executive Board ('14)
Nancy P Kirner, Executive Board ('15)
Thomas O Meek, Executive Board ('13)
Robert E Burns, Executive Board ('14)
Elizabeth Gillenwalters, Director Liaison

Environmental/Radon Section

Craig A. Little, President ('15)
Brant Ulsh, President-Elect ('15)
Douglas B Chambers, Past President ('15)
Steven H Brown, Secretary/Treasurer ('15)
Phillip H Jenkins, Board Member ('15)
Patricia Scofield, Board Member ('16)
Philip Egidi, Board Member ('17)
Sander C Perle, Director Liaison

Homeland Security Section

Adela Salame-Alfie, President ('15)
Peter Darnell, Past President ('15)
Suzanne Helfinstine, Secretary/Treasurer ('14)
Jerrold T Bushberg, Board of Directors ('13)
Craig Marianno, Board of Directors ('13)
Joel Baumbaugh, Board of Directors ('13)
Tammy Taylor, Board of Directors ('14)
Douglas G Draper, Board of Directors ('13)
Richard T Whitman, Board of Directors ('13)
William A Lorenzen, Board of Directors ('14)
Richard W Poeton, Board of Directors ('14)
Tracy A Ikenberry, Director Liaison

Medical Health Physics Section

Christopher Martel, President ('15)
Thomas Mohaupt, President-Elect ('15)
Steven H King, Past President ('15)
Elyse M Thomas, Secretary/Treasurer ('15)
Christopher Kessler, Board of Directors ('16)
Penny M Leinwander, Board of Directors ('16)
Karen M Colucci, Board of Directors ('15)
Michael A Sheetz, Board of Directors ('15)
Deirdre Elder, Board of Directors ('17)
Linda Kroger, Board of Directors ('17)
Steven H King, Director Liaison

Military Health Physics Section

William J Klenke, President ('15)
Danny McClung, President-Elect ('15)
John J Cardarelli, Past President ('15)
Mark Williams, Secretary/Treasurer ('15)
Aaron Thompson, Board Member ('15)
Scott Nichelson, Board Member ('15)
Jason Cezeaux, Board Member ('16)
H Timothy Mikulski, Board Member ('17)
Andrew L Scott, Board Member ('17)
Michael G Stabin, Director Liaison

Nonionizing Radiation Section

Andrew H Thatcher, President ('15)
John Lanza, Board of Directors

Power Reactor Section

James Voss, President ('15)
Eric M. Goldin, Past President ('15)
Jason T Flora, Secretary ('16)
J Stewart Bland, Board Member ('14)
Jason Harris, Board Member ('14)
Seth Kanter, Board Member ('14)
Linda M. Sewell, Board Member ('16)
Susanne Ziegler, Board Member ('16)
Douglas L Noble, Board Member ('16)
Mitchell M Truitt, Treasurer ('14)
Sandra S M Beeler, Executive Secretary
David R Simpson, Director Liaison

RSO Section

Kendall Berry, President ('15)
Mark A Miller, Past President ('15)
Glenn M Sturchio, Secretary/Treasurer ('16)
Kent N Lambert, Board Member ('15)
Catalina E Kovats, Board Member ('16)
John C Keklak, Board Member ('17)
Michael J Drzyzga, Webmaster
Kenneth Krieger, Director Liaison